For better or worse, ever since the Internet was established,  we all recognize that we are living in an “on-demand and instant gratification society”.

Executive Summary
Ecash, ECash.com, an online Money Transfer and Payments platform and mobile API which will allow users to send and receive funds easily, securly and economically. ECash as a global digital currency.

Vision/Mission Statement
To build the most convenient, secure, cost-effective payment solution.

Competitive Edge
ECash will leverage replacement of inefficient and costly legacy payment systems to quickly gain market share. The system and API’s are convenient, secure and efficient, providing funds transfer methods.

Market Assessment

► The Digital Commerce segment is projected to reach $538,234m in 2020. Transaction value is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 7.7% resulting in a projected total amount of $724,697m USD by 2024. 

► Government initiatives across the globe are helping enhance the global digital payment space; the emphasis on moving towards a cashless economy is driving favorable regulations.

► Global demand for smartphones is increasing significantly and with technological advancements such as 5G are expected to further augment the global smartphone numbers. According to Ericsson, in 2019, the global smartphone subscriptions stood at 5.6 billion and are expected to reach 7.4 billion by 2025 or 84% of all the subscriptions.​ 

► Cross-border payments are usually slow and expensive to perform, but such payments play a vital role in global trade. The National banking infrastructure cannot handle cross-border payments. 

► The world of payments is changing more rapidly than ever as a result of consumer demand and the evolution of technology and communication methods. Today’s consumers are using cash and checks less often and are using payment methods that are quick and provide instant gratification. These same consumers are also shifting away from utilizing traditional service providers when it comes to the transfer of money. ECash payments allow consumers to transfer funds from one account to another individual’s account via the internet or a mobile device.



Ecash is creating an online based platform utilizing the latest open banking platforms, such as the BBVA.com, payment data exchange and scalable infrastructure for financial technology and digital commerce technologies. 

Online Retailers and Service Providers
The global landscape of payments and transactions is changing rapidly, owing to the growing enterprises and consumer propensity toward digital transformation and proliferation of smartphones. The technological advancements in the space of smartphones, digital payment cards, digital wallets and POS at retail terminals are fuelling the market growth.

ECash Payment Methods

  • Person to Person online Payment system (P2P)
  • Payment by instruction. (B2B) This is a credit debit/ach transaction system where the payer orders their bank or financial institution to take funds from their bank account and transfer it into a payee’s account.
  • Prepaid electronic cash. Essentially this is the electronic form of cash where a card or account is debited immediately and can be reloaded with electronic cash.

Person to Person Payment (P2P)

Person to person transaction (P2P) also known as peer to peer transaction refers to electronic money transfer technology which allows customers to transfer funds from their bank account or credit card to another individual account. The payment can be sent and received via mobile devices or any home computer with access to the Internet, offering convenient alternative to traditional payment mode

Peer-to-peer payment systems — also known as P2P payments or money transfer apps — like Venmo, PayPal and Zelle allow users to send one another money from their mobile devices through a linked bank account or card.


Open Banking Platform, Services and API

Open banking provides a new opportunity for banks to monetize the products, services, and data they already have, as well as gain new customers. Nearly 20% of banks have already invested in open banking-related initiatives and 77% will do so by 2019. Going beyond simply meeting regulations can help your organization surpass your competition and increase returns from your investments. To do this, you need a flexible digital environment that connects third-party applications to your application programming interfaces (APIs) and banking systems of record without compromising the security or operation of your systems.


Open Banking Benefits: 

  • Allow authorized third-party applications to securely access data from banking systems.
  • Protect systems from security threats and excess traffic. 
  • Track requests, audit use, and charge users and third-parties for use. 
  • Enable modern development approaches that speed time to market for new products and services and improve developer productivity.
  • Monitor infrastructure health and services to identify and remediate issues before they impact users.
  • Handle large volumes of expected and unexpected traffic.

Strategy and Implementation Summary

ECash will leverage its competitive edge of secure, efficient API’s based on a custom set of criteria based markers for an objective measure of a company’s dedication to financial advancement, implementation and growth. The competitive edge will be marketed by using the mantra of “think globally, act locally.” This marketing slogan will encourage the general public and clients to easily deploy our solution. Our  marketing campaigns will rely on metrics that indicate widespread utilization.

Competitive Edge

Ecash’s competitive edge is the utilization of evolving technological advances and releases of open source banking methods and ability to offer products and services to meet that growing demand. 

Marketing Strategy

“Think globally, act locally.” 

The marketing effort will concentrate on ECash’s ability to allow customers to utilize the most cost and time efficient payment systems. Providing Instant Gratification.

ECash will deploy a digital marketing strategy to achieve specific through carefully selected online marketing channels such as paid, earned, and owned media. We have done this successfully on other USREC products such as HawaiiFlatFee.com (for example search “Hawaii Flat Fee” on Google, or our successful deployment and marketing of GMail.com, prior to sale to Google in 2002)

Operating Plan

ECash is currently in discussion with fortune 100 developers, ie. R3, Chetu, IBM and Visa for deployment.

Ecash will be deployed on multiple tiers

Person to Person Payment (P2P) and Business to Business Payments (B2B)

► Digital Payments
► Payroll Systems
► Credit/Debit Card Payments
► ACH Transfer Payments
► Online marketplaces

As part of an international growth strategy, it is anticipated that ECash.com will provide new and advanced features to its units which are designed to expand its abilities. Additionally, Ecash will enhance its administrative, technical and development services to this Fintech technology network enabled by its users.

Revenue will be based on a per transaction fee, estimated revenue even at a fraction of the market could generate millions of dollars in revenue.


Mark Guagliardo

1043 Makawao Ave #110
Makawao, HI 96768
(808) 747-9670

Entrepreneurial-spirited, pioneering technologist with 20+ years of executive-level experience identifying, qualifying, building consensus for, implementing and enabling technologies and enterprise systems that facilitate business processes and strategic objectives. Powerful blend of technology vision and business acumen results in consistent development of powerful business strategies supported by cost-effective, high-performance IT infrastructures and applications. Broad expertise in IT, network, and telecommunications architecture/infrastructure design, full project life cycle management, client/vendor relationship management, financial and operational management. 

► Certified Blockchain Expert
► CEO – United States Real Estate Corporation
► CEO – Blockchain Real Estate System
► CEO – Azusa.com
► Principal Broker – Hawaii Real Estate Team
► President – Rebuild Communities Initiative
► Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate Director, State of Hawaii
► Group Leader at Keller WIlliams Realty in Hawaii
► Member of the Hawaii Association of Realtors
► Member of the National Association of Realtors
► NOAA Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument
Technical Programmer Analyst
► Law Enforcement
Technical Forensics / Analyst
► Founder of GMail.com, sold to Google in 2002
► CEO of Technology Development Company
NetConcept InterActive (NCI)
Fortune 500 Companies and Government Entities Clients

Certified Blockchain Expert
Blockchain Council blockchain-council.org


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