ECash System

Mobile Money/ Wallet
Enable to users to create and maintain stored wallets for corporations and users to facilitate payment and fund transfers.

► Subscriber registration
► Cash in / Cash out
► Account management
► Language change
► PIN change


Mobile Transfer

► Online Integration (Standard and WordPress shopping carts)
► M2M Mobile-to-Mobile transfer
► M2B Mobile-Bank transfer
► P2P Person-to-Person Transfer
► B2B Business-to-Business Transfer


Cryptocurrency Wallet solution

► Multi-Currency
► Immune from inflation
► No Government Regulations
► Cryptocurrency to FIAT
► Affordable Transaction Fees

Mobile Banking
Any Bank, Anywhere in the World

Transfer of money from:
► Bank accounts to Mobile Wallets
► Mobile Wallets to bank accounts
► Bank accounts to bank accounts

Bill Payment

► Utility bill payments
► Merchant payments
► Loan Payments
► Rent Payments
► Real Estate Transactions

Customer Loyalty Cards are the best way to attract new customers, reward them, analyze spending and buyer behaviors & get the word out for your business

► Loyalty Card / Wallet Issuance
► Prepaid Loyalty Card Top-up
► Debit Cards
► Credit Cards


System Security
► Complete Audit Trail
►All the interfaces secured with internet (hWps) based
► Data encrypted throughout the transaction cycle
►Additional security measures with Hardware Security Module (HSM) which will deployed over and above link encryption to ensure that MPIN data is protected adequately

Application Security
► AES Keys
► Triple-DES
► MD5 Hashing
►Supports ISO/IEC 15408:2005
► The backend systems are completely compliant with the PCI DSS standards

Access Security
► Uses the Secure SMS
► GPRS with hWps for communication through mobile phones.
► Completely non-vulnerable and non-tampering.

Access Channels
► Chip Pin
► Fingerprint
► Mobile App
► QR Code

► Secure collection and integration of KYC data into workflow system
► Ability to collect both text and image data contained in photographs, passports, PAN cards, ration cards, application forms etc., while on the move
► Secured interface between mobile device and ECash platform with support for mul3ple encryption standards
► AES, 3DES and MD5
► Support for major industry standards – ISO8583, SOAP, Rest, XML, RPC, WSDL (1.0,1.1,1.2)
► Support for custom customer protocols using API gateway


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