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Ecash is creating an online based platform which will allow users to send and receive Debit/ACH funds to others, both persons and businesses easily and economically providing instant gratification. This online system works by a network of Money Service Providers, MSP’s. 

Ecash will be deployed on multiple tiers 

  1. A) Person to Person Payment 
  2. B) ECommerce integration 
  3. a) WordPress E-Commerce 
  4. b) HTML5 E-Commerce 
  5. c) B2B
  6. d) P2P
  7. d) Cyber Currency 
  8. e) Credit/Debit Card was registered by Net Concept Interactive, on 07-28-1995 and in 2000 was involved in a lengthy and expensive court case with ECash Technologies, and David Chaum (Search Ecash Technologies vs guagliardo)” for case records . It was found that we each introduced the concept of ECash at the same time. The long and expensive case drained ecash technologies of all funds from attorney fees and I “won” the case however as a result the term “ECash” became public domain. I was quite dismayed by the term “ecash” becoming public domain and unable to be trademarked, however my attorney conveyed to me that this would be to my advantage as now the term ecash could be widely utilized and placed in public conscientious and allow other to market the term “ecash” and capitalize on their marketing when I was ready deploy the appropriate products at, now is the time. 

As part of an international growth strategy, it is anticipated that will provide new and advanced features to its units which are designed to expand its abilities. Additionally, Ecash will enhance its administrative, technical and development services to this blockchain technology network enabled by its users. 

In order to fund software development, promotion, marketing, legal compliance procedures, and ecosystem building, may offer a crowdfunding campaign and/or to offer software ECash Cyber Currency Tokens for sale to users, charitable donors, and others interested in the promotion of our Ecash system.

If interested in Investing or Partnering with our launch please Contact Us