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14 Released startup launching

After 19yrs of waiting for the industry opportunity will be deployed by the founder/creator of that sold to Google in 2002

14 releasing financial products starting summer of 2014


Honolulu, USA June 06 2014

Founded in 1995, eCash is a computer generated internet based system which allows funds to be transferred and items to be purchased by online payment systems, credit card, check or money order, providing secure online transaction processing and financial services.

In the late 90's was an emerging online funds processor, along with its subsidary, but realizing the control of existing ACH processors and banks would not allow micro-payments nor full deployment as it undermined their global dominance and control.

We decided to wait and focus on our core technologies of large secure technology infrastructures and communications and deployed scalable systems to government and fortune 500 companies worldwide, A secondary core asset was large email systems, one of the products we developed and successfully deployed was, which was acquired by Google in 2002.

As we witnessed macular visioned silo payment systems attempt to monopolize the crypto-currency market, and fail, as existing ACH based corporations halted their success, a decision was made to to wait until ACH corporations were no longer a restriction and global technologies matured and the world communities were ready.

That time is now and we will be deploying a successful global network with existing and emerging technology systems and financial institutions, and will be releasing eCash financial products starting summer of 2014. is an International dynamic company aggregating and utilizing existing and emerging crytpo-commerce technologies to successfully provide global payment and financial services.